Gallery Art Schedule

Grambling State University

Department of Visual and Performing Arts
2013-2014 Gallery Schedule

drek davis artwork


Joli Livuadais Grisham artwork



January 7-30
Faculty Show

Closing Reception: January 30

February 3-27
Rodrecas Davis

Closing Reception: February 27

March 3-20
High School Show

Closing Reception: March 20

March 24 - April 24
Senior Shows -
Ronald Clay
April 28 - August 28
GSU Jurried Student Exhibition 

Dunbar Gallery

Augugust 19 - September 19
Richard A. Lou

Closing Reception: Sept. 19th

September 23 - September 27
Alumni Exhibit

October 14 - November 7
Joli Livaudais

Closing Reception: Sept. 19th

November 11 - December 12
Senior Shows

Dunbar Lobby

October 29 - November 7
Larry Holston

Friends of the Arts

Member (Status)
The Staff Family (B)
Mrs. Frannie Aubespin (F)
Mr. Freddie Colston (B)
Mr. Rodrecas Davis (P)
Dr. Gerald Ellis (S)
Mr. Eldrie Hamilton (S)
Mrs. Sarah Hassan (S)
Mrs. LaTina Johnson (F)
Mr. Marcus Kilgore (F)
Mrs. Sandra Lee (F)
Ms. Donna McGee (P)
Mr. and Mrs. W.D. McKeever (B)
Dr. Beatrice McKinsey (F)
Dr. A.A. Phillips (B)
Mrs. Tommie.Sue Slaughter (P)
Dr. Grace Tatem (S)
Mr. Terance C. Williams II (P)

Thank You
Contributor $5-10 Friend $ 25 Sponsor $ 50-75
Benefactor $100 Patron $500 Corp Sponsor $1000+

*All receptions are held in Dunbar Hall from 4:30 - 6:00

Dunbar Gallery Hours: M-Th 8:00-4:30, F 8:00-12:00
Favrot Student Union Hours: M-F 8:00-8:00PM
Large Groups/Special Needs Accommodations please call

Gallery Activities are supported by members of Friends of the Arts. To become a member, write a check to GSU, indicate for Friends of the Arts, and send to:
Art Dept. GSU Box 4206, 403 Main St. Grambling, LA 71245.
Department of Art located on Hutchinson Street, Grambling, LA 71245

Member of the University of Louisiana System - AA/EEOC/ADA

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