Engineering Technology Department Facilities & Resources

3D Printer
3D Printer

The Department of Engineering Technology occupies the whole of the 44,286 square feet T. L. James Hall and T. L. James Annex. The Administrative Offices are located in Rooms 101 and 101A.

Facilities and Resources in T. L. James Hall

  • Faculty and staff offices
  • Three lecture rooms equipped with Smartboards
  • Basic Electricity/Electronics Laboratory
  • Digital/Microprocessor/Communications Electronics Laboratory
  • CISCO Academy Laboratory
  • Instrumentation/Machinery/Control Systems Laboratory
  • Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis/Design Laboratory
  • Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory
  • Materials Processing and Testing Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Design Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Drafting Laboratory
  • Robotics Laboratory
  • Open Computer Laboratory (not used for instruction)
  • Discrete Events Simulation Laboratory
    Supported by a grant from Simio LLC ( )

T. L. James Annex

  • 150-Seat Auditorium
  • Manual Drafting Laboratory
  • Structural Analysis and Experimentation Laboratory
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Faculty offices

All Engineering Technology (ET) faculty offices, instructional classrooms and laboratories utilized for all ET courses are located in these two buildings.

Programmable Logic  Control Laboratory
Programmable Logic Control Laboratory


The Department of Engineering Technology acknowledges the following companies for their generous support of its programs.

  1. Simio LLC, for a software grant in the form of 20 copies of its state-of-the-art Simio Simultation Software.
  2. Simio  F o r w a r d   T h i n k i n g

  3.  S-Frame Software, LLC for a grant in the form of 30 copies of its S-Frame Structural Engineering Software.