Physics Department

Mr. Liang Zhu

Mr. Liang Zhu is an instructor of Physics. Mr. Zhu’s main responsibilities involve teaching lab courses and maintaining the smooth operation of the department’s instructional labs, which includes maintenance of space and equipment, purchase and receiving of new equipment, and assistance to new faculty members. Mr. Zhu arranges, reviews, and updates the lab manuals and apparatus for the instructional labs in Physics Department. Mr. Zhu also serves as Inventory Specialist and Safety Officer. Before joining GSU, Mr. Zhu worked in the industry as Application Engineer and Project Manager for Six Years.



  • ABD in Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering. Louisiana Tech University, 11/90
  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China 02/82

Related Research Projects:

  • Quantitative evaluation of the pitch buildup inside newsprint paper machine in paper mill to acquire baseline data for operation control and optimization.
  • Modeling and computer simulation of two-phase flow process in pressure relief safety system for vessel exposed to external fire.
  • Biological desulphurization of coal, funded by DOE