Department of Theatre Arts

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Theatre Arts is to prepare well rounded scholars, artists, leaders and service providers in all aspects of the diverse disciplines of the department. Our mission seeks to support the overall mission of the university by sustaining a shaping presence on the varied expanding fields of the department and performance related disciplines in higher education. It is a major objective of the department to cultivate and disseminate new information, technologies and critical thinking skills as they relate to the art of theatre and the accompanying areas of the department. To this end, the department promotes innovation and excellence in its theatre program and all other disciplines that exist under its academic and artistic umbrella. It is the department’s goal to develop the skills, crafts, and imaginations of its students within a diverse cultural context. The curriculum encompasses the areas of acting, directing, production, scenic design, lighting, dramatic literature, theatre history, and play analysis. This broad preparation at the undergraduate level develops a foundation for any theatre specialization. We strive to help our students acquire and develop the tools they will need in order to succeed in their future pursuits.