Alma J Brown Elementary

Student and Community Demographic Data:

Alma J. Brown Elementary is open to kindergarten through fifth grade students in Lincoln Parish and surrounding parishes. The total enrollment is 223. The population is 99% African-American. Of the total enrollment, 85.2% of the students participate in the free and reduced lunch program. The population of this rural community of about 5,600 is predominantly African-American. Although a historically black university is located in the center of the community, most families have incomes ranging from lower to average. The religious orientation of the community is varied.

The family, church, and community agencies help to encourage the students to become capable, self-sufficient, and independent individuals. The community is actively involved in the school through parent conferences, Open House, Parent-Teacher Association, school programs, and classroom volunteers. Throughout the year, special events (i.e., contests, visits, guest speakers) are planned and/or hosted by retired educators, business partnerships, University personnel, and civic and social organizations.