Alma J Brown Elementary

School Profile:

The Laboratory School began in the late twenties. Its purpose, then as now, was to provide for the educational needs of the children in the Grambling area and to support the program in Teacher Education. In 1928, when Grambling became a junior college, the two-year program in Teacher Education began to train elementary teachers for small rural schools.

In 1985, the laboratory schools became Grambling Magnet Schools, embracing a curricula for K-12. In 1986-87, the school plan was redesigned to form a junior high school for grades 6-8. To date, the school’s plan consists of the following units, K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Alma J. Brown is located primarily in rural North Louisiana, with three (3) major universities located within approximately 34 miles of each other. Specifically, the school is located in the piney hills of north central Louisiana on the campus of Grambling State University (GSU), Grambling, Louisiana. The school is in a neighborhood of working class families, mostly African Americans.

The school is operated under the administration of GSU, and its existence spans from the 1900’s. Alma J. Brown is a department of the College of Education (COE) at Grambling State University. The official, professional education unit is the COE. The mission, goals, and objectives of the COE mirror the original mission of the University to improve the quality of life for students and surrounding communities. The primary mission of the departments of the COE is more specific: to prepare teachers and other school personnel to educate a K-12 student population that is increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity, language, socioeconomics, ability levels, religion and sexual orientation. The mission of Alma J. Brown is to have all stakeholders prepare all students to achieve academic success. The chief administrative officer of the unit is the Dean of the College. Responsibility for policies for governance, programs, admission and appropriate advisory and decision-making bodies lies within the College, the Dean and the faculty. It is the primary role of the school to provide a quality education for all students. To that end, AJB maintains a close relationship with the students and community. The school community is actively involved in the school through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), the Reading Is Fundamental Program, and through active visits to the parent center, classrooms, and school activities. Community organizations, which include sororities and fraternities, social clubs, etc., support our school’s programs. They sponsor read-ins, assist in tutoring and serve as classroom volunteers. Local churches, civic clubs, and collegiate clubs from the surrounding universities also provide assistance.