Grambling Middle Magnet School

Historical Perspective:

The history of Grambling Middle School emerged from the high school. In 1901, Charles P. Adams, at the request of the Farmers Relief Association of Ruston, Louisiana, was asked to erect and organize an industrial school. This school was later called the North Louisiana Agricultural and Industrial Institute. Between 1901 and 1912, the school was operated under private auspices but it became a quasi-public school in 1912. The school became known as Lincoln Parish Training School in 1918, under the direction of the Lincoln ParishSchool Board.

GMMS School of Exemplary Academic Growth 2009.In 1928, the institution was made a state junior college.  It was at this point that the college emerged from the high school.

In 1936, the program was reorganized for a future emphasizing rural teacher education. This reorganization marked the beginning of the administration of Ralph W.E. Jones, who became the second president of the institution. One administration served both the college and the high school. The name of the institution was changed to Grambling College in 1944.

Grambling High School continued as an integral part of Grambling College, with the registrar serving as college registrar and principal. When the Louisiana State Board of Education granted the college permission to prepare high school teachers in 1948, A.D. Smith was appointed the first principal of Grambling High School. The school moved from the College Administration Building in 1952 into a temporary structure.

The present facility was completed in 1954. In 1958, Grambling High School became a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  A new senior high school wing was constructed in 1965.

From 1965-1985, Grambling was under a comprehensive program (K-6) and (7-12). At that time the name of the school was changed to Alma J. Brown.  Under the reorganization of the Division of Education at Grambling State University, the elementary and high school were unified as one school with a director and a principal. During the 1985-86 school years, the Laboratory School became Grambling Magnet Schools, embracing curricula for K-12. In 1986-87, the school plan was redesigned to form the Grambling Middle Magnet School. Dr. Vicki R. Brown was appointed the first principal of this school and served from 1986-2007. The torch of Leadership and Academic Excellence was passed to Ronnie Harrison who served from 2007-2009.  Mrs. Shirley W. Lewis continued the tradition of academic excellence, serving as interim principal during the 2009-2010 school year.  The school is presently under the leadership of Sandra M. Boston.

Presently, Grambling Middle School is a quasi-public rural middle school that reports to the College of Education at Grambling State University. The campus-based facility provides for the educational needs of children in grades 6-8. The school is dedicated to supporting and advancing the purposes and goals of the university. The primary role of the school is to provide an environment conducive to learning, using innovative instructional practices designed to promote academic success for all students and pre-service teachers. The chief administrative officer of the unit is the Dean of the College of Education who serves in the capacity of superintendent.