Kinesiology, Sport, and Leisure Studies Department

The Department of KSLS has a well-defined academic history written through achievements of its graduates. From the undergraduate program, graduates in Kinesiology, Pedagogy (formerly Health and Physical Education) have aspired to become school principals, teachers, supervisors, athletics directors, coaches and other athletics support professionals. Several graduates, by obtaining advanced degrees, have aspired to become university presidents, vice presidents, deans, department heads, program coordinators, professors, researchers, grant writers and consultants. In Spring 2005, the department expanded Kinesiology to include concentrations in sport management and health promotion. In the case of the former concentration, majors are being prepared for careers in sport and athletics, and in the case of the latter concentration, majors are being prepared for careers in allied and mental health.

The undergraduate program in Leisure Studies has produced professionals who have aspired to become certified receration professionals, certified therapeutic recreation specialists and other human service professionals. In general recreation, graduates have aspired to become certified park and recreation professionals, park and recreation directors, recreation center supervisors, playground leaders, coaches and other human service professionals. Through advanced degrees attained, several graduates have aspired to pursue careers in universities as vice presidents, deans, department heads, program coordinators, professors, researchers, grant writers, consultants, coaches and related professionals.

The graduate program in Sports Administration has produced professionals who have aspired to become mid-level administrators in athletics (e.g., amateur, high school, college/university and semi-professional and professional), as well as the sport industry (e.g., Walt Disney’s Wide World of Sports, Russell Athletics, Hibbett Sports, others). Several graduates have pursued careers as college professors, athletics directors, coaches, athletics support staff, semi-professional and professional scouts and other sport professionals. Several obtained advanced degrees to become college deans, professors, consultants, researchers, program coordinators, grant writers, lawyers, others.

Should you decide to choose a degree in the department, be assured that professors across degree programs will provide the academics, rigor, support, encouragement, advisement and learning experiences to develop competencies and skill-sets in the discipline studied. Professors will work with seniors to secure employment in the discipline-of-preparation, or to pursue further study in graduate or professional schools. During ones tenure at Grambling State University, majors are encouraged to become active members of the KSLS Majors Club, Sport Leaders Association, Phi Epsilon Kappa and other department activities, programs and events. Encouragement to participate begins at the freshman year.

Mission. The Department of KSLS embraces the Mission of the College of Education and Grambling State University. The Department’s mission entails a commitment to academic excellence, quality assurance and accreditation of degree programs, as well as preparation of competent, skilled professionals in kinesiology and leisure studies at the undergraduate level, and sports administration at the graduate level.

Purpose. The purpose of the department is to prepare graduates for the world-of-work in the disciplines of Kinesiology, Leisure Studies and Sports Administration. Kinesiology, pedagogy teacher candidates will graduate as certified K-12 teachers, having passed PRAXIS—All Parts and Specialty Area; Leisure Studies majors will graduate certifiable to take the NCTRC and/or NRPA postgraduate certification examination; and Sports Administration majors will graduate competent, skilled and capable of meeting job expectations for middle management positions in athletics and the sport industry.

Philosophy. The Department of KSLS provides an environment that encourages, supports and nurtures student learning in the classroom, external settings and entry in professional arenas.  The faculty will be effective teachers, role models, academic advisors and mentors; challenging majors to be the best that they can be.


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