Department of Mass Communication

The mission of the Department of Mass Communication is to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence, by creating an intellectually challenging environment that stimulates critical thinking and broadens understanding of the role and responsibilities of media professionals in a diverse society. It involves a continuing effort to create opportunities for students to explore potential careers and enhance their skills in mass communication through instruction, research, and practical experiences that promote an appreciation of diversity in society.

In pursuance of the mission, the Department of Mass Communication has the following objectives:

  • provide a broad understanding of the role of communication and mass media in society;
  • prepare students for careers in the areas of mass communication – print journalism, broadcasting, public relations, and visual communication;
  • offer services to the community through workshops, seminars, and media facilities;
  • provide an intellectual climate for students to think critically of issues related to mass media at the regional, national, and global levels; and
  • provide an understanding of the importance of personal and mediated intercultural interaction as an avenue to succeed in a multicultural society.


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Department of Mass Communication

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