An endowment is an investment in the future.  An endowment is an invested gift that generates income to be used, in perpetuity, to support Grambling State University.  Because endowments generate funds indefinitely, they are often referred to as “the gift that keeps on giving.”  When you establish an endowment, your gift is invested with two goals in mind: to make the principal grow faster than inflation, and to provide additional income for whatever purpose you designate.

Grambling’s endowment is its financial foundation.  Endowment income provides security and protection that balance the other sources of income for GSU which tend to fluctuate tuition, state support, and annual gifts.  A steady, increasing endowment income can mean the difference between merely sustaining the status quo and aspiring and achieving new heights of excellence.

Because endowments generate support forever, they are especially valuable and appropriate for donors who wish to leave a legacy at Grambling State University.

Endowed Scholarships

Named endowed scholarships can be established for a minimum gift of $10,000.  The interest from this permanent fund will be used to sustain a scholarship to help a student with tuition, books, room, or board. Endowed scholarships can be funded with a single gift or with a pledge, which is payable in five years.

Non-Endowed Annual Scholarships

An annual named non-endowed scholarship can be established for a minimum gift of $500 per year.  The entire amount will be awarded each year.

For more information about endowments, call 318-274-6404.