September 17, 2010

GSU Enrollment Fall 2010

GRAMBLING, LA— Grambling State’s fall enrollment reached 4,994, a small increase above last fall.

Despite rising admission standards, increasing tuition rates and deep budget cuts, Grambling State surpassed its projected number of enrolled students.

Interim Vice President of Enrollment Management and Retention, Dr. Paul Bryant said, “This year marks a new beginning and we are now looking forward to consistently increasing our enrollment.”

The university saw its largest increase in the number of new graduate students and international students. The number of new graduate students grew to 196, a 120% increase. Students from foreign countries make up nearly 8.5% of the Grambling State student population. The university successfully recruited new students on full scholarships from Saudi Arabia and are working with state officials from Mexico City and Guadalajara to recruit an even more diverse group of students.

“The idea is to enhance enrollment by strategically increasing targeted student populations such as students from diverse backgrounds and non-traditional students. These efforts improve the quality of education we offer our students by providing them with a rich, diverse educational experience while simultaneously providing students with the caring and nurturing atmosphere of an HBCU,” said Dr. Bryant.


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September 8, 2010

Grambling State University Presents Mr. Dick Gregory

Coming to Grambling State University!!!
11:00 A. M.
The Assembly Center
Mr. Dick Gregory

2010 GSU Constitution Day Guest Speaker, Mr. Dick Gregory

Constitution Day Lecturer
Sponsored by:
The Office of Service-Learning
The Earl Lester Cole Honors College
A Title III Funded Project


September 2, 2010

Grambling State University On Course for A New Beginning

GRAMBLING, LA — In a cash strapped state and a fledgling economy, Grambling State University officials are optimistic that they are headed in the right direction.

In his opening remarks during a public forum, GSU President, Dr. Frank G. Pogue, said, “We are not standing still. We are not paralyzed by budget cuts. We are aggressively looking at new revenue streams to support our planning process, we are forging partnerships that will increase our student enrollment and we are seeking every opportunity to make our institution stronger.”

Pogue contends that HBCUs have always done more with less. “HBCUs were founded to educate the descendants of slaves and for nearly 110 years that is exactly what Grambling State has done,” Pogue said.

Since arriving at Grambling less than nine months ago, Pogue has developed a university-wide inclusive planning process that involves faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members.

In January, Pogue appointed the university’s Budget and Priorities Committee to develop criteria for reducing the budget, to establish budget priorities and to consider recommendations from the university community. Last week, the committee presented recommendations to the President’s Executive Council and to the president. Budget reductions totaling more than $10 million over the next two years were accepted by the president and will be integrated into the university’s proposal to the UL System board at the August board meeting.

The university’s 21st Century Planning Council appointed by Pogue serves as the lead planning group. Associate Vice President for Planning and Institutional Research, Nettie Daniels, who serves as the university’s planning officer, said, “The University is changing the way we operate. Under Pogue’s leadership, we have implemented an inclusive planning process in which spending and managing our resources are critical elements. Our goal is to become more efficient and strategic in our efforts to deliver quality academic programs and supportive services to our students.


Grambling State Alumni Provide Financial Support

GRAMBLING, LA — In a time when Grambling State University is facing some of its greatest financial challenges, alumni are stepping up to give.

GSU President Frank G. Pogue said, “This is just the beginning of our efforts to re-engage our alumni. The faculty, staff and students are doing their parts to move the institution forward. Now, we have to motivate our alumni to come together and provide financial support.”

The Grambling University National Alumni Association received over $30,000 in alumni pledges during the national convention in July and recently presented the university with the first installment.

Newly elected GUNAA president Clifton Lemelle said, “We are going to mobilize alumni from the past, present and future generations to get ‘dear ole’ Grambling back to where we are supposed to be. We are charting our courses towards a new beginning.”

Also, Ruston businessman and GSU alumni, Eric Banks of Raceway Petroleum Inc., presented checks to Grambling State University in support of the university’s campaign for A NEW BEGINNING and the GSU Department of Athletics.

Banks said, “I challenge my fellow Gramblinites and the business community to make a financial commitment to support the future growth of this great university.”


Grambling State Welcomes Students Back with Old and New Traditions

GRAMBLING, LA — On Monday, August 16, Grambling State University welcomed over 750 new freshmen and returning students to campus with a special candle lighting ceremony.

Under the theme, A NEW BEGINNING, the university ushered in the 2010 school year by re-introducing its candle lighting activity, which also included a pinning ceremony.

The candle lighting denoted an academic and personal bonding between the student and the Grambling State University family.

During the pinning ceremony, every Grambling State University student received a university pin to symbolize their inclusion in the Grambling family and as a reminder of their pledge.

Dr. Stacy Duhon, event coordinator and vice president of Student Affairs, said, “These efforts are a small part of our new beginning. We want our students to feel welcomed and appreciated.”

Grambling State President Frank G. Pogue greeted an enthusiastic crowd of faculty, staff, students, alumni, elected officials and community members.

Pogue acknowledged the tough economic challenges facing the university and encouraged students and community members to become a part of the future of Grambling State University by getting involved in the “Choose to Give” campaign. The campaign encourages students and future alumni to become avid supporters of the university.

Other panelist were Dr. Connie Walton, interim vice president for Academic Affairs; Dr. Matthew Ware, president of the Faculty Senate; Leon Sanders, interim vice president for Finance and Administration; Dr. Paul Bryant, interim vice president for Enrollment Management and Retention Services; Dr. Kenoye Eke, interim vice president of Institutional Advancement; Lamark Hughes, president of the Student Government Association; Clifton Lemelle, president of the Grambling University National Alumni Association; Dr. Mildred Gallot, member of the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors; Martha Andrus, mayor of the City of Grambling; and Hazel Hunter, Lincoln Parish Police Juror. Each official made a separate pledge and commitment to new and returning students.

Students pledged that, “As a member of the Grambling State University family, I commit myself to these challenges and ideals. I will work to build a prosperous future and establish positive relationships that will foster academic and personal excellence. I am committed to the ideals of civility: fairness, tolerance, collegiality and civic responsibility.”

The event ended with a luau to celebrate a new beginning at Grambling State University.


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