June 14, 2011

Grambling State University Gears-Up for SOARS

GRAMBLING, LA—High School graduation has come and gone and now it’s time for prospective students to direct their attention to the colleges or universities they have been accepted to. One has to wonder where the summer has gone while preparing to start another chapter in life and what will life be like while leaving home to continue one’s education. Grambling State University plans on helping the Freshman Class of 2014 make that transition as smooth as possible. This week GSU will begin one of four orientations sessions by bringing freshman in early to get acclimated to what’s to come for their college experience at Grambling State University. The Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration program better known as SOARS first session will begin on Wednesday and end on Thursday. A host of activities for the incoming freshman and their parents are scheduled. Students will come in for the two days and experience college life for a short period of time. Students who sign-up early will come in and get registered, meet their advisors, check out their dorm rooms and meet future classmates who know doubt will become lifetime friends.

Dr. Paul Bryant, Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management and Retention says, “SOARS is an opportunity for students to get registered for their classes and begin their transition into GSU. The student will spend the night during this transition period and have a sneak peak to what college life will be like. Parents will meet with other parents while they get answers on what they can do to help facilitate their student’s success at Grambling.”

Freshman students who plan on attending Grambling State University in the fall will need to attend one on the SOARS sessions: June 15-15, July 6-7, July 11-12, and the last session August 12-13. GSU admission office wants to make the transition process as easy as possible and advise students to register early and not wait to the last minute.

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