May 25, 2012

GSU Receives $100,962 LA GEAR UP Grant for the 2012 Summer Learning Camps

GRAMBLING, LA – Grambling State University will again host the LA GEAR UP Summer Learning Camps this summer starting with Week I which will be held during July 8-14, 2012.  Week II activities will be held from July 15- 21, 2012.   The focus of the LA GEAR UP  (Louisiana Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) camps is to help students develop and enhance academic and leadership skills needed to promote success in planning and completing their post secondary education.   According to the overall program goals, this initiative focuses on the following: 1) Provide stimulating experiences in Math, Science, Technology, and/or English/Language Arts;  2) Expand career goals and aspirations; 3) Provide information about college that includes early planning and financial support services; and 4) Combine learning with fun. Grambling professors, Dr. Loretta Walton Jaggers and Dr. Nanthailia McJamerson serve as co-principle investigators for the LA GEAR UP Summer Learning Camp grant which totaled $100,962 for the 2011 Summer Camps.  The LA GEAR UP Summer Learning Camps are housed in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction of the College of Education.

The grant is funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents (LA SIP/LA GEAR UP) to implement the two one week Summer Learning Camps at Grambling State University.  This is the seventh consecutive year that Jaggers and McJamerson have been funded to implement the LA GEAR UP Summer Learning Camps.  In 2005, Jaggers and McJamerson submitted a proposal that requested funds to implement a one week LA GEAR UP Summer Learning Camp at the cost of $37,000.   The grant was awarded and the project was a success based on the results of numerous project evaluations.  Since then another week has been added and the program has been funded over $100,000 each year.

During May 10-11, 2012 students, parents, teachers and administrators from LA GEAR UP schools from across Louisiana attended a statewide LA GEAR UP conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  During the conference the participants had an opportunity to learn more about the camps that are offered by various universities across the state of Louisiana. Drs. Jaggers, McJamerson, and Foster presented six interactive multi-media sessions to perspective campers during the conference.
As in the past years, the Grambling State University LA GEAR UP Project is designed to focus on the theme, CSI: Grambling (College Success Investigators).  Using CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) projects, campers have an opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers and content area specialists to strengthen basic Math, Science, and Reading/Literacy skills.  The camp activities are also designed to focus on leadership preparation, Math and Science tutorials, study skills, test-taking strategies, preparation for college life, and career opportunities in Math, Science, and Reading/Literacy Skills.  There will be numerous SKYPE Presentations and interactive activities that focus on the NASA Experiences.  NASA is one of our supporting sponsors.

The key academic and enrichment activities include Explorations/classes that focus on forensic investigations while developing and enhancing basic Math, Science, and Reading/Literacy skills.  Based on Boreal Laboratory Kits, the four explorations/classes follow: (1) Sherlock Bones: Identification of Skeletal Remains; (2) Theta Technologies Crime Scene II; (3) Terror from Paradise; and (4) Mystery of the Bloody Stain. Summary of activities for each of the four Explorations are:

  1. Sherlock Bones: Identification of Skeletal Remains -The lab activities involves the utilization of actual techniques used in forensics to identify and access skeletal indicators. 
  2. Theta Technology Crime Scene II –The activities provide opportunities for students to utilize the materials in a CSI kit to match fiber, fingerprints, analyze blood samples, and use chromatography to help solve the case that is presented in the scenario.
  3. Terror from Paradise – This Exploration is designed to provide creative interactive activities and diverse resources that focus on solving a case involving terrorists transporting biological weapons to the United States. 
  4. Mystery of the Bloody Stain - Activities are designed to focus on strategies for performing ABO and Rh typing to determine how blood can be used in solving crimes. 


The 2012 LA GEAR UP Staff will include: Project Director-Dr. Loretta Walton Jaggers; Leadership Coordinator- Dr. Nanthalia McJamerson; Administrative Assistant-Mrs. La Vonda Walker; Tutor/counselor Coordinator and the NASA Experiences Coordinator- Dr. Elaine Foster; Assessment Coordinator – Dr. Ronnie Davis; Multi-Media Coordinator- Mr. Sheddrick Bradford; Forensic Teachers – Mr. Willie Butler, Mrs. Oreta Whitley, and Dr. Benny Miles; Dorm Mom – Mrs. Dana Howard; Dorm Dad – Mr. Rudolph Ellis; Technology/Web Administrator – Mr. Bruce Morgan; Newsletter Production Coordinator- Mrs. Janet Bryant.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their children in the LA GEAR UP Summer Learning Camps should check with their school to see if the school is a part of the program.

NOTE: Photos attached/below of students and members of the staff.

LaGear Up Staff Instructor Working with Student Campers.

LaGear Up Staff Instructor Assisting Student Campers with Chemistry Experiments.

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