October 26, 2012

GSU 2012 Homecoming Reflections

Ebony T. Myers
Grambling State University Media Bureau

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and laughter as thousands of alumni, supporters, and students came together at Grambling State University to support the annual homecoming game and festivities.

“When I come back it feels like I’m back in school,” said Jessie Jackson, a 1977 graduate who majored in sociology and political science.

Alumni come back to their old stomping grounds for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is to rekindle old friendships that were once strong while in college.

Jennifer Smith, a Detroit native and a 1997 graduate of the mass communication department said, “I love being back. I remember so many wonderful relationships I often forget about. The school gave us so much and it our time for us to give back.”

Elroy Combs, a Gibson, La., native who works as a Pepsico general manager in Austin, Texas, said he was pleased with “the modernization of the campus.” Landon Williams, a 1992 criminal justice graduate, also complimented the university administration on the campus improvements. The former G-Men baseball player said he likes how the campus has been spruced up.

For Marion Rushing-Robinson of Shreveport, seeing improvements has a personal connection. “I see improvements and expansion of the campus,” said Rushing-Robinson, a 1993 early childhood education graduate. “It shows that money I donate to the school is spent on benefitting the students.”

The university relies on contributions from a variety of sources to help fund needs, including updating and improving existing buildings, academic scholarships and campus beautification. Without the donations, Grambling State would not be the same. That’s where alums, friends and supporters come in.

Robert Clark, a Monroe native considers himself a “fervent” giver. He stressed that he is very impressed with the campus growth and the look of the campus. Clark, who attended Grambling, said he recently gave an endowment to the university because he believes in the mission of the school.

Thomas Jones, the president of a local alumni chapter and an alum who gives, said, “I love coming back. Grambling has come a long way. The improvements have made Grambling more competitive as a university.”

Grambling President Frank G. Pogue recently launched a fundraising campaign, asking alumni to give at least $1,000 between the 2012 homecoming and the 2013 homecoming. He received several checks during the homecoming activities, including at Saturday’s game at Robinson Stadium. Pogue had giving promises, too.


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