November 6, 2012

GSU Professor inducted into Criminal Justice Wall of Fame

By Collin B. Jno-Finn
Grambling State University Media Bureau

Dr. Singh, Professor - GSU Department of Criminal Justice Mahendra Singh wants teachers to instruct their students without favoritism and prejudice.

“Teach each and every student with respect, love and maximum ability, irrespective of students’ skills, to make them aspire to highest goal in their life,” Singh appealed to his fellow professors at Grambling State University and other higher education institutions.

The professor, who has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Grambling since 1984, was recently inducted into the School of Criminal Justice Wall of Fame at Michigan State University, where he earned his master’s and doctoral degrees. He was one of five inductees at the early October event event in East Lansing, Mich.

According to the school, the wall recognizes a few alumni “who have distinguished themselves by attaining the highest level of professional accomplishment while demonstrating strong personal integrity and character.”

Singh recalls being overwhelmed when was notified about the award.  “I had never predicted such as honor would be bestowed on me since the sponsoring professor had passed away prior to the final decision being made,” the honoree said.

Rama Tunuguntla, the dean of the university’s College of Professional Studies, said he and the university are proud of Singh.  “It is a matter of pride and honor that one of our colleagues has been recognized by his alma mater for his distinguished service to criminal justice education,” he said. “As head of one of the largest academic units on the campus, Dr. Singh is highly committed to helping and promoting his students both academically and professionally.”

Hundred of students have passed through the GSU’s criminal justice program and Singh continually admonishes students to take their education seriously. According to Singh, their school years are a time to learn and acquire academic and professional knowledge and skills. “(N)ever ignore the enormous potential of student life as not too many people in the world get the opportunity to go to college and develop full potential to bloom in life,” the professor said.

Singh has shared his knowledge beyond Grambling State with others through the U.S. Department of State professional development courses about crime control, international terrorism, juvenile delinquency and comparative criminal justice systems. 

He credits his late professor, Vince Hoffman, the former director of the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State, for his achievements.

Singh also holds a law degree from Delhi University in India and served in the India Metropolitan Police of Delhi for about eighteen years.  Despite all his achievements and the recent recognition, Singh said he will continue to pursue excellence at Grambling.

“I want the Department of Criminal Justice to have the caliber that is unmatched anywhere, so that it will be recognized for its academics, research, and professionalism and Community service all around,” said Singh. “Grambling State University is a great institution and I am very proud to have served so long and will continue to serve to the best of my ability. I have never settled for mediocrity nor should anyone.”

Dr. Singh accepts award for School of Criminal Justice Wall of Fame at Michigan State University


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