February 18, 2013

Student Presidents Share President’s Day Lunch with the President

President Frank G. Pogue and his executive leadership team will observe Presidents Day by listening to student leaders and other students in the campus cafeteria Monday

GRAMBLING, LA – Grambling State University President Frank G. Pogue always listens to students as a student-centered and student-focused leader, and he’ll set aside some special time to hear directly from university student organization presidents during their regularly scheduled lunch time on Presidents Day.

In observance of the federal holiday Presidents Day, Pogue has invited all student leaders to eat with him at McCall Dining Hall and share feedback and ideas about what’s going well at the university and what can be better. Pogue will sit at a designated location and student leaders will come and go, based on their class schedules. In addition, members of the president’s executive leadership team – vice presidents, deans and key department and program leaders – will sit at different dining hall tables to chat with students and see what’s on their minds.

There is no agenda and no program. “This is an unfiltered opportunity for us to hear directly from our student leaders and our students,” said Pogue, who frequently dines at the campus cafeteria. “This is a special opportunity for our university leadership, and me, to hear whatever is on our students’ minds. After all, without our students, we don’t have a university.”

Student organization presidents will sit and discuss campus issues with Pogue between 12 noon and 1 p.m. Any student can share concerns, encouragement, ideas and support with Pogue. Several President’s Executive Council (PEC) members will be enjoying lunch with students as well. PEC members will be available between 12 noon and 1 p.m.

Interested faculty, staff and students are encouraged to join Pogue with a focus on listening to our students. As the president focuses on campus student leaders, he asks PEC members, faculty and staff to share this meal time with students, listening to their concerns and desires. Feedback will be taken seriously, and the PEC will discuss the experience at a regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting. Action steps will be shared with and considered by the appropriate departments, divisions and units.

Presidents Day was the first federal holiday officially designated to honor an American citizen, U.S. President George Washington. It has expanded to include U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and others who have served as U.S. president.

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