April 22, 2013

University Unveils New Tiger Statue at Groundbreaking

Grambling State University hosts 11 a.m. event Tuesday

GRAMBLING, LA – Grambling State University President Frank G. Pogue and a group of administration officials and students will officially break ground for a special university tiger statue.

The university-commissioned sculpture will replace a flagpole that has been in the same spot outside of Long-Jones Hall, the administration building, and what is now the Eddie G. Robinson Museum, formerly used as a women’s gym and auditorium in the 1930s until T.H. Harris Auditorium was built.

"This is an exciting time at Grambling State University, and one of our signature campus beautification efforts is the addition of a commissioned tiger statute," said Pogue. "Once complete, it will stand on its hind legs as it raises its two front legs, and we know it’ll become a visual focal point and a gathering place for Gramblinites on campus as well as those who visit."

 The event is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday (April 23, 2013).

Tigers are the largest of the world’s cat species, sometimes maturing at more than 10 feet in length and as much as 300 pounds. Its dark reddish orange vertical stripes separate it from other cat family members, including the jaguar and the lion.

Student Government Association President 2012-2013, Jonathan Allen, and incoming 2013-2014 SGA President Jordan Harvey as well as Miss Grambling State University 2012-2013, Geralka Jackson, and Miss Grambling State University 2013-2014, Ambra Brice, will join Pogue and others.

Stacey Duhon, vice president of student affairs, will unveil an illustration/photo of the newest tiger to grace the university campus. Duhon and Connie Walton, provost and vice president of academic affairs, are two of several administration officials who are alumni. They remember using the quad during their student years, far more than students do today. The university is sprucing up the area as part of an $800 thousand federal Title III campus beautification program, launched earlier this month.

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