September 9, 2013

Former New Orleans Saint Talks About Giving Back

Mississippi native Joe Horn visits university as Constitution Day speaker

GRAMBLING, LA. – Four-time NFL Pro Bowler Joe Horn will be the Constitution Day speaker at Grambling State University on September 17.

“The focus of Mr. Horn’s lecture will be the United States Constitution and our responsibility as citizens to give back to others,” said Rory Bedford, director of the university’s service learning program. Bedford said Horn will emphasize why citizens have an obligation to provide community service during his lecture, titled “Life, Liberty, Freedom and Prosperity.”

Horn, a Tupelo, Miss., native, will speak to a university-wide audience at 11 a.m. in the T.H. Harris Auditorium as a part of this federal Title III-funded event. Constitution Day commemorates the establishment and signage of the U.S. Constitution by 39 men on September 17, 1787 when the new Americans became citizens. Bedford said though the primary audience is students at the university, the one-hour lecture by the father of six is open to area high school students, especially athletes who may look up to Horn as a positive example.

Horn, 41, an entrepreneur and a 1996 NFL draft pick, played wide receiver at Itawamba Community College in Mississippi. When playing for the Saints he had the nickname “Hollywood” because of his stylist dressing. He is a distinguished community service volunteer helped during the post Hurricane Katrina period and working on how NFL owners and players handle head injuries, among other efforts, according to Bedford.

Horn worked at a fast food restaurant and in a factory while going to college as he worked on his education and ramping up his skills to become a better football player. As an entrepreneur, Horn created and sells Bayou 87, a barbecue sauce and sausage he markets throughout the south.

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