September 2, 2010

Grambling State University On Course for A New Beginning

GRAMBLING, LA — In a cash strapped state and a fledgling economy, Grambling State University officials are optimistic that they are headed in the right direction.

In his opening remarks during a public forum, GSU President, Dr. Frank G. Pogue, said, “We are not standing still. We are not paralyzed by budget cuts. We are aggressively looking at new revenue streams to support our planning process, we are forging partnerships that will increase our student enrollment and we are seeking every opportunity to make our institution stronger.”

Pogue contends that HBCUs have always done more with less. “HBCUs were founded to educate the descendants of slaves and for nearly 110 years that is exactly what Grambling State has done,” Pogue said.

Since arriving at Grambling less than nine months ago, Pogue has developed a university-wide inclusive planning process that involves faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members.

In January, Pogue appointed the university’s Budget and Priorities Committee to develop criteria for reducing the budget, to establish budget priorities and to consider recommendations from the university community. Last week, the committee presented recommendations to the President’s Executive Council and to the president. Budget reductions totaling more than $10 million over the next two years were accepted by the president and will be integrated into the university’s proposal to the UL System board at the August board meeting.

The university’s 21st Century Planning Council appointed by Pogue serves as the lead planning group. Associate Vice President for Planning and Institutional Research, Nettie Daniels, who serves as the university’s planning officer, said, “The University is changing the way we operate. Under Pogue’s leadership, we have implemented an inclusive planning process in which spending and managing our resources are critical elements. Our goal is to become more efficient and strategic in our efforts to deliver quality academic programs and supportive services to our students.


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