February 4, 2014

Campus Advisory: Spring 2014 Parking Notice



  • All students, faculty, and staff must obtain parking decals from the traffic office by February 3, 2014.
  • On-campus students are not allowed to drive to class between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • Commuting students should park in the designated parking lots for commuters designated below:
    • On Dickerson Street – between Charles P. Adams and Woodson
    • On Cole Street – South side facing Charles P. Adams
    • On the front row of Charles P. Adams Hall facing RWE Jones Drive
    • On Blalock Street- where the white paint starts behind the basketball court
    • Lot on the right of the Conrad Hutchinson, Jr. Performing Arts Building
    • Lot across from the University Police building, near the St. Benedict Catholic Center
    • At the Performing Arts building – on the left side when facing the building
  • All faculty/staff lots are in the process of being painted yellow.
  • The University Police will initiate booting and/or towing of all unregistered vehicles after three citations.
  • Parking handbooks can be obtained at the Traffic Office in Long-Jones Hall, room 171, or online.

Tickets will be issued for the following violations:

  • Parking on the lawn
  • Parking in No Parking Zone
  • Parking in Handicap

Starting February 3, tickets will be issued for vehicles with no university parking permit.

Because of campus beautification project we will be strictly enforcing the no parking on lawn violators in the areas of: Purchasing Office, the hill near Old Wheatley Hall across from Holland Hall and the rear of Favrot Student Union.

If further information is needed contact Interim Chief Ruby Jones at (318) 274-2222, Ms. Lari Talbert at (318) 274-3365 or Ms. Jeanette Amos in the Traffic Office at (318) 274-3363.

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