Law Cites 8 CFR § 214.2(f)(3) “Admission of Spouse and Minor Children Of an F-1 Student

Admission of Spouse and Minor Children

The spouse and unmarried minor children (under age of 21) may accompany or later join the F-1 student in the United States.

Eligibility for F-2 Status

  • Establish relationship to F-1 student
  • Sufficient funds to cover expenses
  • Will depart U.S. upon termination of completion of program of F-1 student
  • In SEVIS each F- dependent is issued a Form I-20 in his/her name. The principal’s information is included on the Form I-20.
  • F-2 Spouse may not engage in full-time study: May only enroll in courses that are “A-vocational or recreational” in nature.
  • F-2 children may engage in full-time study at the K-12 level.