SEVIS Recordkeeping

(Student Exchange Visitor Information System)

Required Information
Keep the items below while the student is enrolled and until notification is made to SEVIS that the student is no longer pursuing a full course of study. Keep records of reporting compliance for at least one year such as reinstatements and terminations. A Student’s record should include the items listed below. Immigration could request this information at anytime.

  • Name
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Current Address
  • The Student’s current academic status
  • Date of commencement of studies
  • Degree program and field of study
  • Whether the student has been recommended for practical training (with beginning and end dates)
  • Termination date and reason, if known
  • Transcripts
  • Photocopy of the student’s (and dependent(s) I-20(s) and I-94 card(s)
Additional Information
  • Photocopies of passport identity and validity
  • Admission letter (and other documentation of substantive academic changes)
  • Confirmation of acceptance by the applicant
  • Original/updated financial documents (sponsor letters, award letters, bank statements, etc.,) used for issuing I-20’s
  • Academic advisor’s letters or recommendations (practical training, program extensions, etc.)
  • Documentation from a health care provider when a reduced course load is granted based on medical condition
  • Student’s health insurance information
  • Student’s emergency contact information
  • I-9 Form when DSO has I-9 responsibilities

Record (file-notes or electronic) of previous advising sessions with the student, especially copies of instructions or request or warnings given to the student, that the DSO may need for documentation