Lost Keys & Room Changes

Lost Keys

The student will be charged $50.00 for each lost key.
Once the core (lock) to the student's room has been changed no cancellation nor credits can be issued to the student's account.
To receive a replacement key, the student must present a GSU ID.
The student's room assignment must be verified.
Have student to sign key log to verify he/she received a new key.

Room Changes

A room change/hall transfer period will be announced after the 14th class day for the Fall and Spring Semesters and the 7th class day for the Summer Session. This period is to accommodate those students who wish to relocate. Residents may change rooms in the hall where they currently reside or transfer to another residence hall. Changes will not be made before the announced period.

With approval from the Grambling State University Housing Office, changes will be granted based on the availability of spaces in the residence halls. In order to make the change process legally, residents must understand the following:

  • Room changes will be scheduled daily beginning at 2:00 p.m. after the 14th class day (fall and spring semesters) and 7th class day (summer session).
  • Resident and Resident Houseparent must locate an appropriately available space.
  • Resident must contact the Housing Office for clearance to move.
  • A new room assignment will be made after resident officially checks out and receives Room Change Form.