Interviewing on Campus

Scheduling Interviews

We offer a couple of options for scheduling interviews in the Office of Career Development and Placement Services: Pre-select and Open. We are more than willing to assist you with setting up the interview process that works best for your company and your schedule. Call the Office of Career Development and Placement Services at (318) 274-2346 or to schedule an interview date.

Pre-select Schedules

If you choose a pre-select schedule, students will submit resumes and we send you copies of the resumes. You can select your choice of students. We can schedule those that you have pre-selected to interview.

Open Schedules

With an open schedule students who meet the employer’s requirements are allowed to sign up on the interview schedule on a first come, first-serve basis.

Special recruitment days can be coordinated by Career Services for regular on-campus recruiting events. If you are not available for the special on-campus recruiting, your organization is welcomed to participate in the “regular” on-campus interview program or receive resume referrals.