Evaluating a Job Offer

Evaluation of a job offers should be made based on the cultural climate of the organization. Talk to the present or former employees. Read about the employer’s history in order to evaluated perceived glass-ceilings, cultural /environmental indifferences and minority make up.

Next, look beyond the salary and prestige of the company, the culture of the company and the geographic location of the position are critical. If the student is use to creature comforts that are not available at the work location under consideration, he/she is less likely to stay at that job long.

Think about whether the job is the right fit. Of course, the student can never be sure about the job “fit”. If during the interview and visit, the employees (not the human resources personnel or the interview staff) makes the student feel comfortable, welcomed, and at home, the student should go for it.

Finally, the thought a student should always have in the back of their mind, “The right job gives me a career, but a job pays the bills”. It is estimated that over 90% of the students at HBCU’s, including Grambling State University, receive some financial aid, thus the recommendation is always, if you have a offer, not to leave campus without a accepting a job offer.

Johnny B Patterson, Jr.