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Helpful Resources and Information for Veterans

Student Veterans of America -
Employment Links and Information - and
National Resource Directory -

Military to civilian Transferable Skills Identifier(TSI)
- Obtain a descriptive report of military occupations
- Civilian occupations.

Helpful Reading Material

1. VetJobs 2. GI Bill and More 3. Stars and Stripes Publications

Helpful Websites

Care for the Troops:

GI Bill: Questions concerning your GI Bill benefits; 888-442-4551 or
Learn to use your GI Bill Guide

Federal Veteran Resources:

Military Student Aid:

GSU Veteran Registration- Registrar's Office

VA questions concerning issues other than GI Bill (e.g.: home loans, medical needs, etc.)
may call 800-827-1000

Locate VA Forms and information about VA benefit programs at the website

To change an address or direct deposit information you can go to the VA website at or you may call the direct deposit center at 1-877-838-2778.

To obtain a copy of your DD214 (Discharge paper) or other military records you may go to this link to obtain an application:


VA Veterans Crisis Line
(800) 273-8255 (press 1)

Campus Counseling Center Link- Counseling Center

Location of Veteran Centers in the area: Veteran Centers
Dept of Veteran Affairs links -

War Related Illness and Injury Study Center- Clinical Services (800) 722-8340 illness/clinical.asp

National Center for PTSD (802) 296-6300

PTSD Foundation of America
(877) 7171-7873

VA PTSD Coach app (for smart phones)

The American Legion

National Veterans Legal Services Program

Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) National Peer Support Helpline