Grambling State’s Bring it Home 2018 Kicks Off with $218,000 in Raised in the First Month

Bring it Home Campaign Kick-off Logo PhotoThis July, Grambling State University’s Bring it Home kicked off with a number of major donations from alumni, staff, and corporate donors raising $218,000 in one month.

“It’s amazing to see the strong surge in initial support,” said Marc Newman, Grambling State University’s Vice President for Advancement, Economic Development, and Research. “The impact of every gift helps grow our campus and we’re grateful for partners who support that growth.” Continue reading

10 Ways Grambling State Interns are Changing the World this Summer

Intern-DayFrom IBM to international trade and politics, for almost 120 years Grambling State University’s produced impact makers that helped drive some of the world’s most important change. And, this summer is no different.

Here are 10 Ways Grambling State Interns are helping create positive impact on a local and national level: Continue reading


Grambling State Graduate Student, Cletus Emokpae receives $25,000 Scholarship

Grambling State Graduate Student, Cletus Emokpae receives $25,000 ScholarshipGRAMBLING, LA–July 23, 2018– Today, Beyonce’s BeyGood Foundation announced it has awarded a $25,000 scholarship to Grambling State University Mass Communication student, Cletus Emokpae.

“This is incredible,” says Cletus Emokpae, a graduate student from Staten Island, New York. “I knew that me coming to Grambling was going to lead to big things, but I never imagined this.” Continue reading

Grambling State Sports Hall of Fame, Alumni Convention, & Fundraising Campaign Kickoff This Week

GramBringSaveDate1200x1106ImagePostGSU Alumni, Major Donors and Athletic Legends including Doug Williams and James “Shack” Harris convene to celebrate.

GRAMBLING, LA — July 6, 2018 –This week Grambling State President Rick Gallot and City of Grambling Mayor Edward R. Jones will host alumni, major donors, and VIPs including GSU alumni and super bowl MVP Doug Williams to celebrate a series of major university events. Continue reading

Why Help Grambling State University Bring it Home?

BIH-Impact Graphic-finBy Marc Newman, VP of Institutional Advancement, Research, and Economic Development

Last year’s Bring it Home fundraising campaign garnered a headline-making $1.2 million in support. While the numbers are impressive, the real power of the investment that our alumni, community members, and corporate partners have made will be felt for generations.

Here’s a short recap of a few amazing things that happened as a result of last year’s Bring it Home and why you should invest to make this year’s campaign even bigger.

Student Financial Help

Last Year’s Bring It Home campaign helped provide more than $250,000 in direct support for students in need. This aided the university in impacting the balances of hundreds of students through a variety of scholarships; including GAP which is designed solely to support students in reaching the academic finish line.

Scholarships & Grants

Another way last year’s givers helped make a difference was in the more than $250,000 in grants that were awarded as a result of the conversations, investments, and help from our alumni and community members. Those monies help fund cutting-edge research in robotics, biomedical research, technology, and more right here on Grambling State’s campus

More Engaged Alum

In 2017, each of our active alumni chapters did an amazing job spreading the word and growing the investment our past graduates make in Grambling. That investment showed up, not only in the dollars on the balance sheet; it resulted in an eight percent increase in alumni giving. The University also benefited from student recruiting, guest speaking, and other networking opportunities that continue to create success.

Let’s Bring it Home Again!

Because of last year’s enormous success, we’re continuing the drive for a second year. Visit or join us on campus for the Coffee Kickoff for Bring it Home 2018 while you are in town for the Alumni Convention weekend.

Thank all of you for your support and creating the impact that makes the difference for our students and campus community.


GSU Spotlight: How I Graduated from Grambling State Student-Debt Free

By Stephanie Lindsey

Each year, many young people achieve the milestone of college graduation.  The joyous occasion full of cheers and tears signals to most students that they are collecting their ticket to the world of “true adulthood”. Endia Green

For some, a dream job is around the corner. For others, the pursuit of a graduate degree is the next stop along the path.  No matter the direction, data from American Student Assistance shows that more than 70 percent of recent graduates received a bill with the rite of passage of graduation. 

While student debt is often viewed as a required burden for most college students, there are great stories to show you can avoid the lifetime bill, if you have a plan. 

4 Tips for Students Wanting to Graduate Debt Free – A Biology Major’s  Story

Endiah Green, a Spring 2018 Biology graduate of Grambling State accomplished the seemingly impossible – graduating with her Bachelor’s degree debt free.

When asked what advice she would give to other students looking to graduate debt free, Green gave the following tips:

1) Maintain your GPA

“Maintaining a high GPA is critical.  This makes you eligible for a larger population of scholarships and internships,” said Green.

2) Get a Job and Work, Work, Work 

“I recommend getting a job whether on-campus, through a co-op, or internships. This helps keep money in their pockets and make payments towards tuition and school expenses like books.”

3) Be Conservative in How Much You Borrow 

“I saw some out loans to ‘live big’ on student loan money, ” said Greem. She recommends to students, “they should take out the lowest amount possible. This makes the loans easier to pay back”.  Students must also remember that all money borrowed will have to be paid back with interest later.”

4) Budget for Your Graduation Finish Line

Looking back, Green knows that as she sat in a crowded assembly center surrounded by her peers, behind the majority of those black robes sat people in mountains of student loan debt.

“My advice for those graduates looking to pay off loan debt would be to create a budget around your student loans in order to prioritize paying them off,“ advised Green. 

Endiah’s Biggest Challenge Along the Way

“My biggest struggle was finding and getting scholarships that would help me pay for school while constantly working.  Sometimes opportunities were presented to me.  Other times, I really had to do the groundwork and search for them on my own,” said Green.

So, whether you’re a Freshman just starting out your college career or nearing graduation, take note of this great advice if to graduate debt free (or at least with a little less).

 For more information on scholarships and other financial assistance, visit GSU’s Office of Financial at