Programs and Services

The Student Support Services unit provides a wide range of support services: tutoring, career counseling, mentoring, seminars, cultural activities, academic monitoring, summer program, financial assistance grant aid to qualifying SSS participants, and assistance in transitioning to post-graduate programs.  All services are free of charge to qualified participants.

Academic Advising

Staff members work collaboratively with the participants’ assigned academic counselor by assisting students in selecting appropriate courses and suggesting a specific course load. Staff members monitor students’ academic progress on a weekly basis and help students find means of resolving or ameliorating problems, personal or academic, which may be hampering their academic progress. Staff members also aid participants in strengthening their interpersonal skills so that they can better interact with classmates and instructors

Academic Tutoring

Tutorial program provides the following types of tutoring to program participants: individual tutoring, group tutoring, mid-term and final examination preparatory study sessions, and professionally directed supplemental instruction sessions.

Career Counseling

Career counseling systematically assesses students’ personal and employment interests in terms of their academic aptitude and projected career opportunities and assists students in selecting appropriate plans of study based on such analyses.


Mentors in the SSS program include retired professionals, school teachers, community leaders in such fields as government and business and GSU professors, graduate students, and staff persons. Mentors act as resource persons to SSS participants by providing participants with encouragement, counsel, and guidance.


SSS program conducts a variety of seminars that present participants with information and strategies designed to help them achieve their personal and academic goals. The program conducts approximately two seminars a month. Typical seminar topics include Choosing a Career, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Developing Successful Study Skills, Developing Test Taking Strategies, How to Manage Time Effectively and Financial Literacy.

Cultural Activities

SSS program provides cultural activities that contribute to participants’ awareness of and appreciation for cultural diversity and positive health and social behaviors. These activities are also designed to build students’ leadership skills and academic abilities (Click here for calendar activities)

Financial Grant Aid

Direct financial assistance, grant aid, is available to qualifying SSS participants who are receiving Federal Pell Grants and have an unmet need documented through the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.

Assistance in Transitioning to Post-Graduate Programs

The program provides assistance to program participants who wish to pursue post-graduate programs by serving as a resource with respect to completing financial aid and admission requirements of various post-graduate programs.

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