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"Uniting all faiths under God and Saving one more"


Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a seemingly good day irritated by the slightest little thing? Maybe the traffic on the road home was stalled, or special plans for the evening were disrupted. And that one little thing shifts your whole mindset into negativity.

The next time this happens, consider stopping yourself in mid-grumble and opening your mind to all that you could be grateful for instead. Your friends, family, home, car—or just the chance God has given you to take in all that this beautiful day holds. Not only will you find your attitude blossoming into one of great peace, you'll open up the pathways to let more abundance into your life.

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore once wrote: “It has been found by experience that a person increases his blessings by being grateful for what he has. Gratitude even on the mental plane is a great magnet. When gratitude is expressed from the spiritual standpoint it is powerfully augmented.”

When you express gratitude for what you've been given—even if it is in the form of being grateful for a challenge—God hears your heart's joy and responds in kind. When we are happy in our heart and soul, whatever we need flows to us by divine grace.

It's with great delight that we should remember this idea, not just during the Thanksgiving holiday, but throughout the year. After all, isn't giving thanks at all times really just reaffirming our trust in and love for God?

Thank you, God, for all You have provided me—now and always.

~~Daily Devotional~~