Human Resources

University Holidays 2010

The University designates 14 official paid holidays annually (calendar year).

These designated holidays may or may not correspond with state holidays proclaimed by the Governor.  These holidays are announced and disseminated by the Office of the President. 

Additionally, the University may close for up to 10 additional days annually.  For these additional closure days, Civil Service and University rules require employees (except for faculty, certain administrators and coaches) to be charged either annual, compensatory, or leave without pay.  Employees who are on leave without pay status immediately before and immediately after a designated holiday – are not eligible to receive holiday pay.

Holiday Schedule

Closure Dates
Leave Charged No Leave Charged

  New Year’s Day

  January 1
  Martin Luther King Day   January 18

  Mardi Gras

February 15& 17 February 16


April 5 April 2

  Memorial Day

  May 31

  Independence Day

  July 5

  Labor Day

  September 6



24 Noon, 25, 26

  Christmas (December 20– 30)

December (½ day 20), 21, 27, 28, 29, 30

December (½ day 20), 22, 23, 24

 New Year's Eve


December 31


Civil Service Compensation for Holidays.

Employees shall be eligible for compensation on holidays observed except:

  1. When the employee's regular work schedule averages less than 20 hours a week;
  2. When the employee is on restricted appointment;
  3. When the employee is on leave without pay immediately preceding and following the holiday period;
  4. When the employee is on an intermittent work schedule.

Additional Holiday Schedules: