Library Faculty/Staff

Classified Staff

  • Derek AddisonDerek Addison
    Administrative Coordinator 3
    A.C. Lewis Memorial Library, Room 211
    Phone: 318-274-3416, Fax: 318-274-3268
  • Employed at GSU since: 2001
  • Education
    AAS - Accounting, Louisiana Technical College, West Monroe, LA
    AAS - Office Systems, Louisiana Technical College, West Monroe, LA

Derek Addison provides administrative support in the Main Office of the library by performing such functions as weekend scheduling, interviewing and placing student employees, supervising student employees, and managing student recordkeeping that is related to payroll. Additionally, Derek maintains and collects money from the coin-op printer machines and submits the money to the Cashier’s Office for deposit into the library’s account, and he performs maintenance on the hand-punch clock and the software used by Civil Service employees to clock in and out.

Derek also provides additional services vital to the library’s operation such as repairing broken items when possible, assembling items when needed, assisting in various departments in the library when needed, assisting with other office duties as needed, such as answering the telephone, taking messages, delivering and/or retrieving forms from Payroll, Budget, Academic Affairs, Purchasing Department, etc., scheduling the use of the Conference Room, and receiving articles from vendors; retrieving and delivering campus mail and other documents from the mailroom, the bookstore, and the Purchasing Department, records the minutes of staff meetings, serves on the National Library Week Committee and the Student Assistant Committee, assists with checking the areas to be sure that patrons are not in the building when it is time for the library to close.

Furthermore, Derek conducts a yearly audit of inventory on hand by physically going to each area in the library and comparing the state tag numbers and equipment with the inventory invoice prepared by the Purchasing Department. He reports the final results (transferred equipment, un-located equipment, etc.) to the Director of Library Services and forwards the results to the Director of Purchasing.

Finally, Derek locates and submits Grambling State University Documents to the Louisiana State Depository in Baton Rouge every two to three months by contacting departmental personnel campus-wide and collecting any documentation(s) that they may have.


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