Partnership Activities with High Schools

Office of Retention

Programs that support student success are managed by this office, focusing primarily on freshman and sophomore students. These intervention programs include the following:

  • Identifying Students at Risk-  Fall 2011 students were identified 33with 2.0 or below  106 with 2.3- 2.0 (considered @ risk) These students were notified and asked to visit the office of Retention at the start of the semester and be a part of the ESS program (EMPOWERING STUDENTS for Success) 37 students signed on for ESS 10 of those students completed the Fall 2011 program and earned certificates. Those 10 students completed the semester with with a 2.4 or better. Of the 760 FTFT freshmen more than 90% returned for the Spring 2012 semester.
  • Retention Orientation- each Student Success class (26) was met by a Retention staffer to ensure that they were aware of the services of the retention office, location and tips to help them transition to college life. This group consisted of approximately 900 students.  This was done twice during the Fall semester.
  • Early Alert Program-Faculty contribute directly to retention by assisting with the early detection and intervention of students who are low performers in class, chronically absent from class, or experiencing other kinds of problems that affect academic performance. Early Alert is gaining in strength with instructors and with students. Fall 2011 293 students were contacted by Early Alert _22% responded to the notifications, these students were offered tutoring and limited advisement.          
  • Supplemental Instruction Program- an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted group study sessions.   The SI Program targets traditionally difficult academic courses that have a high failure and withdrawal rate. Of the 38 students who participated in one class of Supplemental Instruction, 68% passed.
  • Peer Tutoring Program- free tutorial assistance in select freshman and sophomore level courses. Students with a GPA less than 2.0 are contacted and asked to report for tutoring and periodic counseling.   Tutoring was provided for _396__ students in Fall 2012.  At this point in the Spring 2012 semester --- students are taking advantage of the tutorial service. Major subjects tutored by Retention tutors English 32, math 41, biology 23. 
  • Academic Success & Study Skills Workshops- Test anxiety, time management, and financial literacy workshops are offered.  During the Fall 2011 semester the highest number to participate in a workshop was 57, only 10 students   took advantage of the workshops.  During the Spring 2012 semester, time management and financial literacy workshops are being offered.