Mathematics and Physics Department

About the Mathematics and Physics Department

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Department of Mathematics and Physics is teaching of the highest quality at the undergraduate level.  The Department, through its various programs, continually strives to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong learning, an understanding of the physical aspects of the world in which we live and the ability to comprehend physical science and mathematical advancements and their benefits to our culture and future generations. To assist in the accomplishment of this mission the Department of Mathematics and Physics encourages and supports scholarship and research of the highest quality among the faculty. To provide outreach and service as an educational institution, the Department of Mathematics and Physics supports its faculty in utilizing their expertise to the benefit of the university community and regional, state, national and international communities.


Department of Physics: The Department of Physics was founded in 1965 with Dr. Charlie Harper as department head. In 1969, the Department moved to its present location in Carver Hall Annex. In 1996, the Department of Physics established a Joint Faculty partnership with neighboring Louisiana Tech University’s Institute for Micro-manufacturing and Physics Program to share two faculty between the two institutions. In 1997, the Department’s curriculum was expanded to include a concentration in Material Science. The Physics and Mathematics departments merged in 2011 to form the Department of Mathematics and Physics.

Department of Mathematics: The Department of Mathematics has a long history of excellence. It strives to give its majors and all others it serves a firm foundation in computation, comprehension, and logical reasoning. The program is undergirded with a purpose to provide undergraduate students with a firm training in computational skills and to enhance students’ comprehension and logical reasoning skills to enable them to perform effectively as they undertake professional careers. The Department revises and constantly updates the curricula in line with the mainstream Mathematics education in the nation, keeping in mind the University's uniqueness as a historically black university.