Department of Sociology & Psychology

Why Psychology?

The curriculum is stimulating and the professors are challenging in the discipline of psychology. Not only do our faculty bring their familiarity with the global experience into the classrooms, but students engage in rigorous research which takes them into the laboratory, the dorm rooms and major professional conferences. Where else can students study motivation, perception, cognition, creativity, mental disorders and personality and be able to apply concepts to current situations such as Hurricane Katrina, sexual relationships or competition on the athletic field? We believe that the scientific study of human behavior not only prepares students for competitive graduate study, but enhances their quality of life for family and community.

Why Sociology?

Sociologists study groups, institutions within large modern societies and industrial societies. They use research methods that permit them to quickly collect specific information about large numbers of people. Our sociology faculty have studied at the most prestigious institutions, presented papers at international conferences and conducted research that impacts the African American family, while keeping a focus on scholarly preparation of students and stimulating classroom and service learning opportunities. This is the department where the longevity study has been inaugurated; where students have bridged their practicum experiences with the rigors of scholarly research; and where lively dialogue takes place beginning with the very first course.