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 "Our students should not be burdened with additional costs as many of them struggle to stay in school. We need more of them to stay in school, and we need more students to decide to attend Grambling State." -Richard J. Gallot, Jr., President

Bring It Home Is a campaign focused on improving the University's overall gIvIng ratio whIle settIng the stage for a comprehensIve capital campaign planned to kick-off In 2020.

The Bring It Home Campaign has Five key areas of focus:

Scholarship Support: Scholarship, support is essential for growth enrollment and retention. In fiscal year 2017, the University funded over $150,000 in Student GAP support; however, there was still a need for additional funding.

Endowment Growth: The University endowment guarantees the long-term stability of Grambling State University.

Athletic Facilities Improvements: We will continue improve our athletic facilities to mirror the success of our athletic brand from playing fields to the facilities our student athletes utilize.

Faculty Support: Our world-class faculty is the backbone of the university and to whom we owe much of our student successes. We are committed to supporting our extraordinary faculty with the resources needed to excel in research, while providing training and professional development opportunities.

The University's Greatest Need: With state budget cuts becoming the norm, we must find ways to offer relief to our operating budget The greatest need/unrestricted account addresses unbudgeted issues and concerns that may arise throughout the year