GSU Spotlight: The Alexanders on Giving From the Heart – #BringItHome2018

Charles (Grier) Alexander and Donyetta Davis Alexander experienced similar financial hurdles while they were students at Grambling State University. They both received a little help which made a big difference in their collegiate experience. As they look back, they have always wanted to offer support to GSU students.

GRIER-Alexander“Someone helped me in my time of need,” said Charles. “It was a great gift. And I knew for me to live up to the ‘GramFam’ expectations that I had to do the same for the next student.”

This was the birth of The Charles E. Grier Non-Endowed Spirit Award. The $500 scholarship will be given each semester to one recipient who meets the criteria of being registered as a full-time student in good standing, shows need for financial assistance to get in school, is a member of the cheerleading team, exemplifies team and university spirit, maintains a minimum GPA of 2.0, and completes 10 hours of community service on or off campus.

“The benefit of this scholarship has three potential positive effects,” said Charles. “It will help a student complete registration, bring awareness to endowed and non-endowed scholarships, and plant a seed of ‘giving back’ into scholarship recipients. Furthermore, I am hopeful it will give my fellow alums the desire to start giving financial support to their Department, Sport or Dear Old Grambling in general.”

But the Alexanders are not stopping there. Donyetta and her daughter,  Rashunda Davis Wells, are working on a Book Scholarship to be made available to a GSU student beginning spring 2019. One key criterion is that the student must be an unwed parent attending GSU.

“Grambling High PTA offered me a book scholarship,” said Donyetta. “This was greatly appreciated because money goes to tuition, housing, meal plans, and fees first. When it is time to purchase books, many students must choose which books to purchase and which ones to leave in the bookstore.”

Donyetta feels strongly that any amount helps. “If you are able to give something to help a student behind you, do it,” said Donyetta. “You may not be able to give $10,000 at one time but you can do it over a course of five to 10 years. The bottom line is it is our duty as an HBCU grad to give back to our institution.”

Grambling State University would like to thank Charles (Grier) Alexander and Donyetta Davis Alexander for their incredible support for this year’s #BringItHome2018 campaign. If you are interested in helping Grambling State Bring it Home, visit today.