CAMPUS ADVISORY: PARKING – Student &Faculty/Staff Decal Enforcement – Starting Monday, Jan. 28

All students, faculty, and staff must obtain parking decals from the traffic office, Long-Jones Hall room 171. The cost is $11.00 (students) and $22.00 (faculty/staff).  Starting Monday January 28, 2019 tickets will be issued for vehicles without university parking permits.

On-campus students are not allowed to drive to class between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 pm.

Commuting students should park in the designated parking lots for commuters as designated:

  • On Dickerson Street, between Charles P. Adams and Woodson
  • On Cole Street, south side facing Charles P. Adams
  • On the front row of Charles P. Adams Hall, facing RWE Jones Drive
  • On the north end of the A.C. Lewis Memorial Library
  • On Blalock Street, where the white paint starts behind the basketball court
  • Lot in the front, on the right, of the Conrad Hutchinson Jr. Performing Arts Building
  • Lot across from the University Police headquarters, near the St. Benedict Catholic Center
  • At the Performing Arts building, on the left side when facing the building

Commuter lots are painted white and faculty/staff lots are yellow.

Parking handbooks can be obtained at the traffic office in Long-Jones Hall, room 171, or online.

Tickets will be issued for the following violations:

  • Parking on the lawn
  • Parking in a No Parking Zone
  • Parking in a Handicap parking spot

If more information is needed, contact the Office of University Police at (318) 274-2222 or Ms. Jeanette Amos in the traffic office at (318) 274-3363.