For Students: President Gallot’s Summer Message

Dear Students:

With so many displays of your brilliance over the last nine months, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for another excellent school year. This year, you’ve enriched Grambling State with incredible work in academics, entertainment, and on the field and courts. That work has been shared around the world and proof of what you may not yet realize; that you are innovators.

Only innovators get an invite from Beyoncé. Only innovators break multiple records with point-scores and quadruple doubles. Only innovators are asked to host research leaders from around the state and launch Louisiana’s first CyberSecurity program while producing three of this year’s Black Engineers of the Year.

It’s your innovation that shines when students like Maurice Patton win top professional honors across the state. It’s your innovation and accomplishments that are too numerous to count and, ultimately, one of the many reasons I am proud to be your President.

As you head off to invest your summer, whether through internships, work, or continuing your studies, I want to encourage you to never stop innovating. While the summer is a break, it’s also a chance for you to invest in yourself and others.

Whether you’re volunteering or run into a high school student in your travels, take what you’ve learned here on campus and invest in someone else. Simply, I ask that this summer you find a way to pay it forward.

Make your Tiger greatness felt wherever you go. The world needs your contributions.

As you innovate and win this summer, share your victories with us. When you win the internship, email us. As you start the business, email us. All summer long, help us share your achievements by emailing our communications team at

Also, follow @Grambling1901 on social media and keep reading your GramWeek and GramBuzz emails to follow your highlights and celebrate with your fellow Tigers.Gallot-Double-ellipses-500

I wish you all safe travels. I am excited to see how you will represent “the place where everybody is somebody.”