JUNE 2020 | Campus Living & Housing Update

New Freshman, New Transfer, Readmits and Off Campus Students Desiring to live on-campus
June 15, 2020

We are excited that you have chosen to begin or continue your higher education experience at Grambling State University for the Fall semester of 2020. Due to higher than normal student housing demand, all university provided housing has been filled to capacity prior to the listed Priority Deadline. We understand that on-campus housing is a unique part of the collegiate experience and the Office of Campus Living and Housing strives to provide a safe and comfortable living environment where students can focus on their studies; that is why we are committed to keeping our students informed of upcoming opportunities to access university provided housing.


Essential FAQs:

I am an incoming freshman/new transfer/ readmit/off campus student that desires university provided housing, but have not completed the Fall 2020 Housing Application. What should I do next? Due to higher than normal student housing demand, Students are currently unable to complete the Housing Application until spaces become available. Should you desire to be notified when space may become available, please complete the “Housing Interest Form” (Click here).  Please note, completing this form does not guarantee university provided housing.


I am an incoming freshman/new transfer female student who has submitted a housing application and paid my deposit for Fall 2020 housing. What should I do next?

Female students who have completed the application and paid their deposit will be contacted by phone as spaces become available. Students will receive a phone call from the Campus Living & Housing staff based on the order in which the application was received.


Can I move to CEV using financial aid?  No, unless your move is within one of our university provided housing units assigned by Campus Living and Housing. However, if you enter a CEV lease without university approval, you will be responsible for the cost of rent and utilities. Financial aid does not cover the cost of this off-campus living option.


Can I move off campus? Those students who can secure off-campus housing or live within a distance that would allow them to commute from home, you may complete the “Off Campus Exemption Form” under the “My Housing” tab in banner. Make sure that all supporting documents are attached to your application to expedite your approval. Some options for off-campus residence can be found HERE.


So without Housing, what should I do?

Please know that all hope is not lost. From living locally with relatives and friends, commuting from a local city, temporary off campus arrangements, online learning, and securing your own place off campus, students without Housing (Or those waiting on Housing) can still attend Grambling State University. Although it is possible spaces will not open before August, having options are essential to starting the semester off right. Here are some off campus resources regarding local rental options in the area, in addition to hotel options that may be secured while you wait for university provided housing availability.




In order to be contacted about housing availability, please ensure your correct email address, cell phone number, address, and emergency contact information are listed in BannerWeb. This is the contact information that will be used to reach you concerning your housing and other University outreach.

If needed, contact the office of Campus Living and Housing at gsuhousing@gram.edu to clear up any remaining questions about your Housing status.