Grambling State University
Information Resource Center

A Member of the University of Louisiana System

Grambling State University Computer Usage Policy

As a User of Grambling State University's (GSU) computing facilities, I agree to observe the following rules and provisions:

  1. I will use on the computer User Account(s) provided to me and will take the responsibility to protect my account from unauthorized access.  I further agree to change my password at least once per month.  This regulation is primarily intended for the protection of my account and the associated data.  If I become aware of attempts to violate or bypass these security mechanisms, I will promptly report such attempts to Computer Center security personnel.

  2. I will respect the privacy of information stored using GSU's computing facilities, whether this information belongs to me or to others.  I will not acquire or modify, in any way, information that belongs to another person, without the explicitly permission of that person.  Information which has been acquired or modified remains the possession of the original owner and may not be further distributed or modified without the explicit permission of the original owner.

  3. I shall not use my privileges to access other computing facilities to which the GSU network is connected, if I do not have the appropriate approvals for the same.  I further acknowledge that when using the Internet, I am a representative of the University and agree to conduct myself in a manner that reflects favorably upon GSU.  Any other type of behavior is unacceptable.

  4. I agree to abide by any patent or copyright restrictions which may relate to the use of computing facilities, products or documentation.  I agree not to copy, disclose, modify, or transfer any such materials that I did not create, without the expressed consent of the original author or copyright holder.  I agree not to use any GSU computing facilities to violate the terms of any software license agreement, or any applicable local, state or federal laws.  I agree not to tamper with or in any way modify the equipment to which I have access.

  5. I agree not to use GSU's equipment or software in any form of private financial gain.

  6. Access to GSU's computing facilities by unauthorized persons or for unauthorized purposes is forbidden.  I agree not to take any actions which constitute inappropriate behavior.  The following list provides some examples of this type of behavior, but is not intended to be all inclusive:

    • Attempting to access restricted portions of the operating system or accounting software.

    • Use of the computing facilities for recreational purposes during normal working hours.

    • Any behavior that causes distractions to other users in public access areas.

    • Eating, drinking or smoking in a computer user area.

  7. I understand that a violation of any portion of this agreement will result in punitive action.