Quick Start for Accessing Your E-Mail on the Web


  1. Open Internet Explorer.


  1. In the address box, type:https://www.gram.edu


  1. Scroll down until you see the GSU WebMail icon and click once (note:additional instructions are listed on the link directly below the GSU WebMail icon).


  1. Click OK/YES on the Security Alert Menu.


  1. Enter the required information:(Example)



Password:�� help

Domain:���� Banner1


  1. Click OK.


  1. Microsoft Web Access appears.From here, you can send and receive your e-mail.For more instructions, refer to the link below the GSU WebMail icon o the www.gram.edu web site (Click for instructions).


  1. To change your password, click on Options located on the left hand side under the Shortcuts Window.


  1. Scroll down until the Password option box appears.Click change password.


  1. Enter the following information:




Old Password: help

New Password:ontime

Confirm Password:ontime


  1. Click OK.


  1. Your password has been successfully changed.


  1. The next time you login, use the new password.