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COMPETE LA: Ready to complete your degree?

What is CompeteLA?

A program designed to help students complete their degree programs after unexpected life circumstances.  The program includes a variety of online degree programs and other convenient class structures designed for Louisianans with some college credits among 9 ULS universities.  

How It Works

Personal coaches will guide you through the process of re-enrollment and find the fastest pathway to a degree.  The coach is free to provide support to help you navigate the college journey through graduation. Learn more at

Who is Eligible?

  • Louisiana resident
  • Earned some college credits but not enough for a bachelor’s degree
  • Been out of college for at least two consecutive years

Degree Programs Featured at Grambling State University

How to Apply

A simple application will connect you to an assigned coach that can handle everything from helping you choose a degree to guiding you through re-enrollment into the institution of choice.
Apply Now: