Partnership Activities with High Schools

Family and Consumer Science

Alma J. Brown Elementary CDFR Semester Practicum’s (2 students per semester)
Monroe Public Schools CDFR Semester Practicum’s (2 students per semester)
Jonesboro Public School Jonesboro After School Program
CDFR Semester Practicum’s (2students per semester)
Jonesboro Recruitment
Arcadia Public School Bienville  Recruitment
CDFR Semester Practicum’s (2students per semester)
Ruston Elementary School Participated in Lincoln Parish Title I Annual Activities
CDFR Semester Practicum’s (2 students per semester)
Simsboro  Elementary Participated with Simsboro’s Open House
Simsboro Parents Night
CDFR Semester Practicum’s (2 students per semester)
Shreveport Public Schools CDFR Semester Practicum’s (2 students per semester)


Grambling State Army ROTC

Bastrop HS,
Bastrop, LA

Examples of newly created partnership

Grambling State Army ROTC established partnerships with 15 Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and one Air force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in North Louisiana.  The mission of the partnership with JROTC is "To motivate young people to be better citizens." The partnership seeks to mentor and train students in leadership and motivational skills that will serve them during their school/college years and throughout their lives.

Examples of strengthening existing partnerships

  • Sponsor JROTC College Tours twice during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Utilize currently enrolled Army ROTC cadets at Grambling State University to serve as mentors for their Alma Mater
  • Sponsor North Louisiana JROTC Drill Competition
  • Conduct College ROTC opportunity briefs for college bound students
  • Support JROTC High School Leadership Summer Training Programs
  • Conduct Scholarship information briefs
  • Conduct scholarship interviews
  • Conduct periodic scheduled inspections of all sponsored Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Programs.
  • Each school is visited a minimum of twice a semester in order to mentor future college bound  professionals and motivate high school students to continue their education beyond high school.
Booker T.
Washington HS
Caddo Magnet HS,
Shreveport, LA
Carroll Magnet HS
Monroe, LA
Franklin Parish  HS
Green Oaks HS
Shreveport, LA
Madison HS,
Tallulah, LA
Minden HS,
Minden, LA
Northwood HS,
 Shreveport, LA
North Caddo HS,
Shreveport, LA
Rayville HS,
Rayville, LA
Richwood HS,
Monroe, LA
Southwood HS,
Shreveport, LA
Woodlawn HS
Wossman HS,
 Monroe, LA


Art Department

Ruston High 2010, March 8 – 25. Continued building relationships with area schools and Louisiana Art Teachers through High School Art Show.  Thirty people attended the High School exhibition, 56 students from 8 schools in North Louisiana entered works in the exhibition.  The works of 9 high school teachers were represented and 19 students, parents, and teachers attended the exhibition.
Lincoln Talented Art
Wossman High
Carroll High
Career Development School in Monroe
Grambling High
Choudrant High
Simsboro High
Alma J. Brown Lab School Spring 2010, the Art 402 class taught individual lessons to students at Alma J. Brown Lab School.  22 teacher candidates worked with elementary students from 4 – 5 AJB classes.
Farmerville High School 2011, February 16.  Drek Davis spoke with the Farmerville High School Gifted and Talented students about his art and the concepts behind it.  Approximately 15 students attended.


CMAST/LA Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science Teachers


Bastrop High School, Bastrop

The 2010 Summer Science Academy was held June 7 – June 11, 2010 and was available to High School science teachers in the areas of physics and physical science.  The Summer Science Academy was also used as a recruiting tool that could be extended from the teacher participants to their high school students.  The Heads of Dept. from Chemistry, Biology, Math and Engineering Tech were invited to address the teachers one morning prior to them beginning their first session with Mr. Frazier.  It was great!!  The Department heads had brochures and discussed what their department had to offer.  Engineering Tech passed out bags as well.

****Each faculty selected the lessons that they presented

  1. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Project.
    • Conducted by Mr. John Frazier, Engineering Technology
    • Participants were able to experience the use of AutoCAD software as they designed a flying object
    • Participants had daily half day session involvement throughout the Academy with the development and design stage as well as with the use of electrical circuits involved
    • Participants were able to actually gain flight experience as they were able to fly their designed projects upon completion
  2. Big and Small:  How to  Scale an Image
    • Conducted by Dr. Danny Hubbard, Chemistry--- The activity involved the study of physical phenomena using the Logger Pro software to perform a frame-by-frame video analysis of changes an object undergoes. Participants learned how to choose units and set a scale using Logger Pro so that you can perform quantitative analyses of real physical events.  The Logger Pro software is by Venier.
    • Students were involved with the use of the GSU Planetarium
  3. An Insulated Cola Bottle
    • Conducted by Mrs. Natalie Hendrix, Biology---The activity involved the study of heat insulation properties of some materials. Participants worked on designing the best insulated cola bottle.
  4. Solar Homes and Heat Sinks
    • Conducted by Mrs. Natalie Hendrix, Biology—The activity examined the effectiveness of a thermal mass. Participants discussed how to design and build a model solar home

Summerfield High School, Summerfield

Homer  High School

Jonesboro-Hodge, Jonesboro

Minden High School

Gibsland-Coleman High School, Gibsland

Carroll High School, Monroe



Music Department

Caddo Parish

District  VIII Music Festivals, Shreveport, LA, District I  Music Festivals, Monroe, LA

  1. Fall Marching Band Festivals
  2. Spring Large Ensemble Festivals
  3. Spring Solo Ensemble Festivals
  4. Louisiana State Concert Honor Band
  5. Spring District Honor Band
  6. Louisiana State Jazz Ensemble
  7. Louisiana District  Honor Band

All of the above sanctioned festivals are held each year where local and statewide ensembles give concerts and receive a rating of poor, excellent or superior.  The university music program directors work as clinicians either as a director of one of the ensembles or as an adjudicator.  The same sanctioned festivals are held for vocal ensembles (choir), string ensembles (orchestra).

 Student teachers:
In an effort to allow future music teachers experience in the classroom, student teachers are assigned to various schools within the Caddo, Bossier, Webster, and Quachita Parishes for a period of twelve weeks to serve as student teachers that will teach beginning music courses and assist the supervising teacher in obtaining the goal and objective of the musical programs.

 Private instruction (applied classes):
The university music department faculty serve as private lesson instructors for K-12 students to help improve their performance skills whether it be instrumental or vocal.  The students are able to get individualized instruction from professional musicians that specialize on the instrument in which the student is learning to play.  A K-12 music specialist is not a person who specializes on all instruments or vocal categories, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone or bass voice.  Many school district music program assign students to various university music departments for specialization instruction on their chosen instrument.

 Observational hours:
The music department partnership with local schools in an effort for future music teachers to gain observational hours in a normal music  classroom setting such as writing lesson plans yearly,  semester, monthly, weekly, and daily.  Observation of gaining experience with working with a band booster club and the everyday administrative work of the teacher and ordering buses for performances, selecting instruments for beginning students, and  obtaining techniques into how to hold a successful band, choir, or orchestra rehearsal.

Bossier Parish
Webster Parish
Quachita Parish
Lincoln Parish


Mr. Tao attends Gulfport High School Concert on 2/25/11 in Gulfport, MS.  Visit was also used to recruit high school students at Gulfport High School. 2009 L.M.E.A. All State Orchestra - Anthony Maiello, Conductor - Ye Tao, Chairman. Picture of Mr. Tao and some high school orchestra teachers on 11/2009 at the LMEA (LA Music Educators Association) State Conference in Baton Rouge, LA.


Physical Science


Homer Jr. High School

The Physical Science portion of the workshop exposed teachers to the use of Vernier software for real-time data collection and analysis in the classroom. Teachers performed two experiments; “Solar Homes and Heat Sinks” and “The insulated Coke Bottle.”

In the first experiment, the use of alternative energy sources, in the case solar energy, was addressed. The teachers built solar homes in groups, and gathered real-time data comparing a solar home using a thermal mass for temperature management, versus a home that does not use a thermal mass to compare which is more efficient in regulating overall home temperature.

In the second experiment, teachers used a variety of materials for insulation (paper, aluminum foil, Styrofoam). Using the Vernier software to collect real-time data, they compared which insulation material was the most efficient at holding the temperature of the coke bottle.

Upon completion of each of these experiments, the teachers wrote lesion plans on how they would use these experiments in their own classrooms. They were also encouraged to come up with their own extension to these experiments in order to further engage their students in the experimental design process.

At the conclusion of the workshop, each teacher was given a Vernier package that contained the software, interface device and all of the probes necessary to perform these experiments in their own classrooms.

Minden High School

Grambling High School
Summerfield High School
Bastrop High School
Carroll High School
Jonesboro-Hodge High School


Service Learning


Grambling High School

Through the Office of Service-Learning, a number of partnership activities have occurred with high schools. 

Grambling State University students participated in a mentoring program that provided support for high school students.   The program promoted career exploration, cultural and social experiences, and academic preparation. Students were tutored in the sciences and a smart board was presented to one school.  The high school students were exposed to sporting events, a play, and a number of other enriching experiences. 

The First-Year Experience/Student Success program implemented service-learning projects that promoted literacy and career exploration at the high school. 

Education students promoted reading and literacy at the  laboratory school.

A number of student organizations partnered with the Grambling High School to promote a clean campus campaign.  Grambling State University students worked to assist the high school with awareness about a “green/clean” campus.  University students cleaned the football stadium following high school games along with the high school students to provide a cost saving to the high school.

Arcadia High School


Mentors and Mentees Visit the Capital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Two mentees pose with Dr. Wynetta Lee, Dr. Rory Bedford, Ms. Sandra Boston, and President Pogue. Mentees during a study session. Mentees relax following an afternoon discussion about campus life. CMAS students prepars biology lesson for students. Mentor and mentee work side-by-side planting a garden. Mentee receives a T-shirt and bag from Dr. Bedford, Director of Service Learning.