Partnership Activities with High Schools

Music Department

Caddo Parish

District  VIII Music Festivals, Shreveport, LA, District I  Music Festivals, Monroe, LA

  1. Fall Marching Band Festivals
  2. Spring Large Ensemble Festivals
  3. Spring Solo Ensemble Festivals
  4. Louisiana State Concert Honor Band
  5. Spring District Honor Band
  6. Louisiana State Jazz Ensemble
  7. Louisiana District  Honor Band

All of the above sanctioned festivals are held each year where local and statewide ensembles give concerts and receive a rating of poor, excellent or superior.  The university music program directors work as clinicians either as a director of one of the ensembles or as an adjudicator.  The same sanctioned festivals are held for vocal ensembles (choir), string ensembles (orchestra).

 Student teachers:
In an effort to allow future music teachers experience in the classroom, student teachers are assigned to various schools within the Caddo, Bossier, Webster, and Quachita Parishes for a period of twelve weeks to serve as student teachers that will teach beginning music courses and assist the supervising teacher in obtaining the goal and objective of the musical programs.

 Private instruction (applied classes):
The university music department faculty serve as private lesson instructors for K-12 students to help improve their performance skills whether it be instrumental or vocal.  The students are able to get individualized instruction from professional musicians that specialize on the instrument in which the student is learning to play.  A K-12 music specialist is not a person who specializes on all instruments or vocal categories, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone or bass voice.  Many school district music program assign students to various university music departments for specialization instruction on their chosen instrument.

 Observational hours:
The music department partnership with local schools in an effort for future music teachers to gain observational hours in a normal music  classroom setting such as writing lesson plans yearly,  semester, monthly, weekly, and daily.  Observation of gaining experience with working with a band booster club and the everyday administrative work of the teacher and ordering buses for performances, selecting instruments for beginning students, and  obtaining techniques into how to hold a successful band, choir, or orchestra rehearsal.

Bossier Parish
Webster Parish
Quachita Parish
Lincoln Parish


Mr. Tao attends Gulfport High School Concert on 2/25/11 in Gulfport, MS.  Visit was also used to recruit high school students at Gulfport High School. 2009 L.M.E.A. All State Orchestra - Anthony Maiello, Conductor - Ye Tao, Chairman. Picture of Mr. Tao and some high school orchestra teachers on 11/2009 at the LMEA (LA Music Educators Association) State Conference in Baton Rouge, LA.