Partnership Activities with High Schools

Service Learning

Student Success

1.c.  Develop partnerships with high schools to prepare students for post-secondary education.

Office of Service-Learning – The Office of Service-Learning serves as the hub of academic service-learning activities.  Faculty members from the various disciplines develop projects that fit the scope and cycle of service-learning.  Academic year 2011-2012, a number of service-learning projects focused on strengthening partnerships with high schools to prepare students for post-secondary education.  The projects were:

  • Promoting Art among Children – The project introduced 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Alma J. Brown Elementary Laboratory School to art appreciation and explained the numerous advantages of learning art.  Students were also informed about various careers in visual art. Faculty Contact Person: Mr. Larry Holston; Number of students served:  67
  • Promoting Physical Education among Children – The project provided valuable information to students from grades 1st and 2nd at Alma J. Brown Elementary School regarding the importance of exercising regularly. Faculty Contact Person: Mrs. Suzanne Bailey; Number of students served:  33
  • Using your Imagination to Create Books for Hospitalized Children-
    Students from Alma J. Brown Elementary Laboratory School and a university English class discussed the possibilities and value of creating books for children who are hospitalized.  Faculty Contact Person:  Ms. Catherine Bonner
  • Teaching/Promoting Reading Skills among Students – Teacher education majors worked with Pre-K through 12th graders enrolled at Grambling Laboratory Schools to enhance their reading skills.  Faculty Contact Person:  Dr. Loretta Walton-Jaggers; Number of students served:  332
  • Encouragement to the Minor Children of Ms. Horton (Woman who was gunned down in New York while shielding students) – Students and faculty persons developed a support system as for Ms. Horton’s children to help motivate them to succeed.  Faculty Contact Person:  Dr. Lurie Thomason; Number of students served:  13
  • LEAP Preparation for Elementary and Junior High Students  - Teacher Education students assisted with LEAP preparation for students at Ruston Elementary and Cypress Springs Elementary.  This project is continuous.  Currently 35 students are participating.
    Contact Person:  Dr. Pamela M. Payne; Number of students served:  35
  • ACT Preparation Workshops – Students and Faculty from across the various disciplines traveled from city to city to provide ACT preparation workshops for students.  The workshops were open to all schools in the respective neighborhoods.  Students who participated represented the following schools: Arcadia High, Bastrop High, Carroll High, Fair Park High, Grambling High, Jonesboro-Hodge High School, Huntington High, Neville, Ouachita Junior High, Ouachita High, Richwood, Ruston High, Saint Frederick,  Simsboro High, West Ouachita High, Westin High School, Wossman High.  Packets were taken back to the schools to be shared with fellow classmates.  This project is continuous.  Cities visited:  Monroe; Swartz; Shreveport; Grambling.  Contact Persons:  Dr. Rory L. Bedford; Dr. Elaine Foster; Dr. Avaine Strong; Mr. Roderick Seals; Dr. Waneene Dorsey; Dr. King David Godwin; Dr. Ellen Smiley.    Number of students served:  70
  • Fighting Hunger in Northeast Louisiana – The project was guided and motivated by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Understanding that a hungry child faces challenges with learning, university students educated students enrolled in Grambling’s Laboratory schools about hunger in Northeast Louisiana.  Contact Person:  Mrs. Susan Wiley; Number of students served:  217
  • Promoting General Education Skills among Elementary Students – Teacher Education students adopted various schools and volunteered their services to enhance afterschool tutorial programs and to assist K-12 teachers during regular class periods. Contact Person:  Mrs. Gloria Rabon; Number of students served:  253
  • Making a Difference through Mentoring - Students adopted Oak Park Elementary School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Students serve as mentors for the students and assist them with homework and other activities. Contact Person:  Dr. Rory L. Bedford; Number of students served:  36