Honoring Tradition

As Grambling State established its new beginning the administration also took care to honor Grambling State’s strong, prestigious history. In 2010, the following nine buildings were added to National Register of Historic Buildings: Long-Jones Hall, Jewett Hall, Eddie Robinson Museum, Lee Hall, Men’s Memorial Gym, T.H. Harris Auditorium, Brown Hall, University Police Building, and Foster-Johnson Health Center.

 From 1939 to 1960, Grambling State University was the only institution of higher learning available to African-Americans in northern Louisiana. During this period, nearly all of the buildings selected to the National Historic Registry were built. Consequently, these buildings individually and collectively met the National Register eligibility criteria which included: their quality of significance in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering and culture, as well as their association with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of American history. An additional criteria met by the selected buildings was their association with the lives of persons significant in our past and the embodiment of the distinctive characteristics of their type, period, or method of construction. These buildings now qualify to receive federal funds for remodeling and construction purposes.

Historic Long-Jones Hall Current Long-Jones Hall
Original Building Name: Long Hall
Current Building Name: Long-Jones Hall
Year Built: 1939
Original Use: Administration/Classrooms
Current Use: Administration

This building was named in honor of Earl Long, the governor of Louisiana at the time of Grambling's foundation.  The building now bears the name of Long-Jones Hall, to also honor Ralph Waldo Emerson Jones, University's President from 1936 to 1977

Historic Jewett Hall Current Jewett Hall
Original Building Name: Jewett Hall
Current Building Name: Jewett Hall
Year Built: 1939
Original Use: Senior Women's Dormitory
Current Use: Women Dormitory

Jewett Hall was named after Fidelia Jewett, (white) a San Francisco Philanthropist visited and continuously gave money to Grambling.

Historic Gymnasium/Auditorium Current Eddie G. Robinson Museum
Original Building Name: Gymnasium/Auditorium
Current Building Name: Eddie Robinson Museum
Year Built: 1939
Original Use: Gymnasium/Auditorium
Current Use: Eddie Robinson Museum

This building has been renovated to house a museum dedicated to legendary Grambling Football Coach Eddie Robinson.

Historic Lee Hall Current Lee Hall
Original Building Name: Lee Hall
Current Building Name: Lee Hall
Year Built: 1939
Original Use: Library House
Current Use: Financial Aid

Lee Hall was named after a former state superintendent of education, E. A. Lee.

Historic Physical Health and Education Building Current Men's Memorial Gymnasium
Original Building Name: The Physical Education and Health Building
Current Building Name: Men's Memorial Gymnasium
Year Built: 1954
Original Use: Gymnasium
Current Use: Gymnasium
Historic Auditorium Current T.H. Harris Auditorium
Original Building Name: The Auditorium
Current Building Name: T. H. Harris Auditorium
Year Built: 1960
Original Use: Auditorium
Current Use: Auditorium

This building was named in honor of Thomas H. Harris, a from state school superintendent from 1908-1940.

Historic Brown Hall Current Brown Hall
Original Building Name: Brown Hall
Current Building Name: Brown Hall
Year Built: 1956
Original Use: Freshmen Women's Dormitory
Current Use: Classrooms/Administration

Brown Hall was named after Hallie Q. Brown, a distinguished lecturer and elocutionist who traveled extensively.

Historic Women' Teachers Hall Current University Police Building
Original Building Name: Women' Teachers Hall
Current Building Name: University Police Building
Year Built: 1943
Original Use: Housing for Female Teachers
Current Use: House University Police
Historic Infirmary Current Foster-Johnson Health Center
Original Building Name: Infirmary
Current Building Name: Foster-Johnson Health Center
Year Built: 1943
Original Use: Infirmary
Current Use: Infirmary/Counseling Center

Foster-Johnson Health Center was named after Madison Foster, a physician from Monroe and Edward A. Johnson, who drove 200 miles roundtrip from Natchitoches to serve Grambling Campus and community residents; first two college physicians at Grambling College.