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STEM Learning Comminuty

The STEM Learning Community is offered to first year college students and transfer students  that are majoring in a STEM field. There currently are two STEM Learning Communities at GSU:

  • The first community consists of students majoring in Biology
  • The second community consists of a combination of those  students majoring in Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, or Mathematics and Physics.

These communities allow freshmen the opportunity to collaborate with each other and develop strong foundations in science and mathematics through shared classes, social activities, peer academic coaching, and faculty mentoring. Each participant is required to enroll in the two courses specifically assigned to the STEM Learning Community, attend assigned tutorial sessions, attend student development workshops and enrichment activities. All participants receive a $500 textbook award per semester of their freshmen year, have access to textbooks in the CMAST office, are able to use the computers  and print in the CMAST office, and have a comfortable environment to hold study group sessions or study alone.

If you are interested in joining the STEM Learning Community, please complete the STEM Learning Community Interest Form and  mail to the address on the form.

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