Center for Mathematical Achievement in Science and Technology

Sophomore Summer Academy

Most summer research experiences for undergraduates are not open to freshmen students. It is, however, important that students be exposed to research as early as possible. This hands-on-experience provides a connection between “theory” and “ applications”. As a result, at the end of the freshman year the Pre-Freshmen Academy students participates in a summer research program on the campus of Grambling State University.

The Rising Sophomore Summer Academy starts during their sophomore year. This summer training is two weeks in length. Two-two week sessions are held, hosting 25 students during a session. The student develops research techniques by participating in a laboratory intensive session that exposes the student to chemistry, biology, and physics techniques. Speakers are invited to give presentations that focus on advances being made in science. Additionally the student is required to participate in mathematics review sessions, in an effort to further enhance mathematics skills.

The student receives housing for participating in the Summer Research Academy, a $600 stipend, and a $600 textbook award for the upcoming academic year.

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