Grambling State awarding more than $175,000 for spring semester scholarships

Grambling, LA. – April 10, 2024 – A total of 61 different donor-funded scholarships totaling $176,977 are being awarded to 161 Grambling State University students for the 2024 spring semester.


Collectively, these scholarships received 4,283 applications, which were reviewed by a dedicated team that included the GSU Scholarship Committee, Financial Aid staff, and University Advancement and Innovation staff.


The Dr. Neari F. Warner Endowed Student Scholarship was the most awarded, going to 24 recipients, while the Coca-Cola Scholars and adidas Power of Sport Fund of Oregon Community Foundation each awarded 10 scholarships.


Vice President for University Advancement and Innovation Brandon A. Logan said those scholarships are crucial for many Grambling State students.


“The vast majority of students attending Grambling State University qualify for some form of federal aid, so when you understand the economic backgrounds of our campus scholars, I am inspired to maximize the available dollars from our non-endowed and endowed scholarship funds to make a positive difference in their lives,” Logan said.


“Year after year our scholarships have proven to be the difference between students maintaining a good standing with the university to finish coursework for a semester.”


Logan said diversity is key in helping provide such scholarships.


“Considering the amount of academic offerings and the depth of financial need for our students, it is a strategic imperative that we have a diversified mix of funders, fund levels, and scholarship types available for distribution,” Logan said.


Logan said helping fund such endowed scholarships is about investing in the future for a university looking to continue to send impact-making graduates into the workforce for the betterment of all.


“As one of the top social and economic mobility institutions in the country, Grambling State University has a longstanding history of modeling excellence in the classroom,” Logan said. “Investing in the life of a student at Grambling State will yield extraordinary returns to our investors and society. It is always a great time to be the difference.”