Distance Learning (eLearning) Course Application

Submission Instructions:
1. Complete this form and sign;
2. Attach Course Syllabus;
3. Obtain Dean or Department Head approval;
4. Email electronic copies to johnsonl@gram.edu or hamiltoneb@gram.edu.  


Developer Information

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Online Information

Have you previously taught a course online, hybrid or web-enhanced using Blackboard or Moodle?  
Have you had any formal Blackboard or Moodle training, or have you met with ODL staff about accomplishing the goals and objectives of developing this specific course?


I understand that online and hybrid courses require more than a transfer of lecture notes and PowerPoint presentations and typically involve multifaceted presentation, assessment techniques and frequent student-to-student and student-to-instructor interaction.  


Course Developer


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*By signing this document, you approve the development of this course